Research shows Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will have a major impact on how far you can go in your career, accounting for almost 60% of your professional success. Take control of growing your EQ in this highly interactive workshop from a best-selling author of Solving the People Problem (an Amazon #1 best-seller that was named the #1 must-read book of 2021 by Entrepreneur Magazine). Learn and apply the lessons to develop your own skills, to positively impact everyone you work with, and to reach new heights of success.

Evans Kerrigan

Evans has over 30 years of experience helping organizations in both the corporate and public sector improve their operations through Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Operational Excellence methodologies, Evans is a dynamic business consultant and has led improvements across many different industries. He has been responsible for leading the creation of customized skill development programs for multiple organizations. Evans and his business partner, Brett M. Cooper, are best-selling authors of Solving the People Problem. Their firm works to expand the existence of healthy organizations and great places to work. A key part of this work is focused on helping people develop their emotional intelligence to create work relationships that really work. By helping to build or ability to work together better, they have had huge impacts on organizations across many industries. A gifted presenter and coach, Evans works with thousands of people each year to develop their leadership abilities to create extraordinary results. Evans is a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®. Evans is an accredited leader in using The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® to assist organizational teams to reach higher levels of performance. His work with organizations has been credited with helping the engagement of an organization rise significantly as difficult issues are addressed that had limited the ability of teams to perform at their highest level. Evans is a certified Master Black Belt in Lean and Six Sigma process change methodologies. He brings his experience in Strategic Planning, Leadership Development and Assessment to assist clients to reach their goals. Evans and his firm approach development at the individual, team and leadership level in service to the goals of the organization. This approach allows them to focus on practical operational concerns that allow people to apply new behaviors immediately to continue the learning process.

Some of the features of this course include:

  • An EQ assessment containing ideas for improving your emotional intelligence determined by your current level of EQ across four elements
  • A personality style assessment to investigate the impact of style on multiple aspects of our work and relationships
  • Six weekly 60 minute live sessions with faculty
  • Reading and video review assignments
  • Large group and small group discussions
  • Application exercises
  • Peer coaching
  • And more!

In order to get the most value from this course, learners are expected to participate in and contribute to each week’s activities and homework assignments, as instructed in the modules.


This course will open: TBD

Live Sessions: TBD


This course will take approximately 18-24 hours, over the course of 6 weeks.

In order to obtain a Certificate of Completion, learners must obtain these 3 badges:

  1. Engage with Instructor Badge
    • Requirements are based on live session attendance.  
    • Learner must attend 5 out of 6 live sessions to achieve this badge.
  2. Engage with Peers Badge
    • Participate in 6 of the 6 Discussion Threads by contributing:
      • One Major Post
        • Creating and posting your own thread in that Module’s Discussion Forum
      • One Minor Post
        • One reply to a classmates’ thread
  3. Engage with Content Badge
    • Complete 6 (1 per module) Knowledge Check Assessments. 
    • NOTE: The 6 Quizzes are based on Module Content
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