Accelerators, VCs, start-ups, venture studios, incubators, co-creation and innovation partnerships…Are some or all of these foreign concepts? Want to learn more in the context of digital health innovation? This course is for you. We’ll dive into the multiple types of external innovation partners for Providers. This course includes faculty that are executives at Providers and external partners as well as deep dives into how you can begin and further meaningful external innovation partnerships for success.

Jonathan Fritz

Jonathan is CHIME’s first Chief Innovation Officer. The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) is a global organization of exceptional leaders transforming health and care, with >5,000 members in 57+ countries and 150+ business partners. 

Jonathan is serving his 3rd three-year term on the Wisconsin Technology Council’s board of directors, which advises the Wisconsin governor and legislature on areas of business, innovation and technology. He also serves on the investment committee of BrightStar Foundation, a start-up investment fund with more than 50 portfolio companies. 

Prior to joining CHIME, Jonathan was the Chief Strategy Officer of Symphony, an IT consulting firm that also incubated digital health start-ups in conjunction with its captive venture fund led by the company’s founder. The firm was a CHIME Foundation member and during his 3-year tenure Jonathan was on the founding committee for the CHIME Foundation Certified Healthcare Executive (CFCHE) committee, Fall Forum planning committee, and innovation committee. 

Jonathan has been focused on innovation throughout his career, including more than a decade as a practicing patent and start-up business attorney, and partner at a major law firm. He has advised countless emerging companies and the founder of a health and wellness startup. He has an undergraduate degree in biology, a Masters in Bioinformatics and a Juris Doctorate degree. 

Some of the features of this course include:

  1. 6 Live Sessions with an expert
  2. Video Activites
  3. Knowledge Check Activites
  4. Articles and Blogs
  5. Class Discussion Threads
  6. Breakout Group Activities

In order to get the most value from this course, learners are expected to participate in and contribute to each week’s activities and homework assignments, as instructed in the modules.


This course will start: Aug 15, 2021

Live Sessions: TBD


Week 1 – Why External Partnerships?

Live Session #1 - TBD

Lecturer: Jonathan Fritz, CIO, CHIME


Week 2 – Start-ups: How are they different from other vendor-partners?

Live Session #2 - TBD

Guest Lecturer: Dale Beerman, CTO and Co-Founder, Sanvello Health 


Week 3 – De-mystifying Venture Capital

Live Session #3 - TBD

Guest Lecturer: John Banta, Managing Dir., Blue Venture Fund


Week 4 – Accelerators

Live Session #4 - TBD

Guest Lecturer: Darren Dworkin, CIO, Cedars Sinai 


Week 5 – Innovation and Co-Creation

Live Session #5 - TBD

Lecturer: Jonathan Fritz, CIO, CHIME


Week 6 – Bringing it all together: Value Creation

Live Session #6 - TBD

Lecturer: Jonathan Fritz, CIO, CHIME

This course will take approximately 18-24 hours, over the course of 6 weeks.

In order to obtain a Certificate of Completion, learners must obtain these 3 badges:

  1. Engage with Instructor Badge
    • Requirements are based on live session attendance.  
    • Learner must attend 5 out of 6 live sessions to achieve this badge.
  2. Engage with Peers Badge
    • Participate in 6 of the 6 Discussion Threads by contributing:
      • One Major Post
        • Creating and posting your own thread in that Module’s Discussion Forum
      • One Minor Post
        • One reply to a classmates’ thread
  3. Engage with Content Badge
    • Complete 6 (1 per module) Knowledge Check Assessments. 
    • NOTE: The 6 Quizzes are based on Module Content
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