In this 6-week course we will explore Conflict Managment as a leader in the world of Health IT.  The course is built in a fully immersive environement that allows learners to make decisions in different scenarios - putting into practice the conflict managment strategies being presented.  In this "choose your own adventure" type course, learners will work through different situations each week, explore a variety of resources, and spend time during the weekly live sessions with subject matter experts!
This is a fully gamified course that incorporates a "choose your own adventure" type format.  Learners will participate in threaded discussions, knowledge checks, live sessions, and much more!
In order to get the most value from this course, learners are expected to participate in and contribute to each week’s activities and homework assignments, as instructed in the modules.

This course will take approximately 18-24 hours, over the course of 6 weeks.


Live Sessions: TBD

In order to obtain a Certificate of Completion, learners must obtain these 3 badges:

  1. Engage with Instructor Badge 
    • Requirements are based on live session attendance.  
    • Learner must attend 5 out of 6 live sessions to achieve this badge.
  2. Engage with Peers Badge 
    • Participate in 6 of the 6 Discussion Threads by contributing: 
      • One Major Post 
        • Creating and posting your own thread in that Module’s Discussion Forum
      • One Minor Post 
        • One reply to a classmates’ thread
  3. Engage with Content Badge 
    • Complete all content in the modules
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