The CHIME Foundation Certified Healthcare Executive (CFCHE) program is your opportunity as a CHIME Foundation representative to distinguish yourself and showcase your professional commitment, credibility and comprehensive understanding of the healthcare IT environment.

A CFCHE demonstrates advanced knowledge and skills within a healthcare provider setting. Earning the CFCHE designation is an invaluable resource that recognizes those who understand the various responsibilities and strategic vision of a healthcare leader.

Become a CFCHE, and start building more influential collaborative partnerships with CHIME members.

Ashley Jester

Ashley Jester is the Director of Professional Development at CHIME. She has managed the U.S. CHCIO Program for over five years and has helped initiate the development and launch of the International CHCIO Program along with two other programs. Ashley earned her master’s in psychology, concentrated in Evaluation, Research, and Measurement which aids to the thorough development of these programs. Though she continues to develop and improve these programs behind the scenes, she is also your personal guide through this journey of accreditation. Ashley will continue to support you individually and will be available to help answer any questions you may have.


The CFCHE examination consists of 100 multiple choice questions, including scenario-based and independent questions. The examination will be taken without the aid of study guides or other resources. The CFCHE examination is offered at CHIME in-person events in the United States AND at testing centers worldwide.

Register for an Upcoming In-Person Exam
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Online Exam

Testing Centers: CHIME has partnered with Kryterion to offer the CFCHE exam online at over 800 testing centers around the world. CHIME will coordinate your remote test at a Kryterion site after enrollment. To locate a testing center near you, click here 

Remote Testing: Testing in the convenience of your office or home office is also available.  Select “remote testing” when enrolling.  Click on the device requirements to understand what is required for this type of home-based testing.

Exam Study Materials

Upon enrollment into the CFCHE program you will receive a link to the CFCHE exam study materials.

CFCHE Exam Blueprint

The exam blueprint takes you through the six domains which are comprised of 47 knowledge and skill statements, from which the exam was created.


Who is eligible to participate in the CFCHE program?
To participate in the CFCHE program, an individual must be currently employed by a CHIME Foundation firm in good standing and meet the following requirements:

 Three years of professional experience at a CHIME Foundation member organization or other
qualified healthcare provider organization
 One year of professional experience at a CHIME Foundation firm AND currently maintains CHCIO status

Is CFCHE accreditation right for you?
 The CFCHE credential is designed for employees of CHIME foundation firms. Typically, the candidate:

 Has responsibility for the relationship to CHIME members and their organizations
 Leads and/or participates in the product development, communication or other relationship with
CHIME members

The credential focuses on firms that support the following types of CHIME members:

 Health Services Delivery Organization
 Healthcare Payer/Insurance Organizations
 Organizations related to healthcare IT whose primary business may include sales of hardware, software
software, or IT services to healthcare CIOs

* For questions regarding the CFCHE program please email or call 734.665.0000.

CFCHE Candidate Requirements  


To enroll in the CFCHE program, applicants must:


   Be currently employee by a CHIME Foundation Firm in good standing
   Possess a baccalaureate degree – or be enrolled in a baccalaureate program (this requirement varies
by region and country)
   Complete the program enrollment form with program enrollment (This includes; CFCHE application,
study materials, practice exam and exam)

*The CFCHE program enrollment is active for one year. This is to ensure the most recent information is collected in the candidate’s record and that the candidate is using the most up to date study materials to prepare for and take the exam. In the event a program enrollment expires, there is a re-enrollment fee of $99.


Becoming CFCHE Certified  

CFCHE certification status requirements*:

  • Successfully pass the CHIME Foundation Certified Healthcare Executive (CFCHE) examination
  • Be currently employed by a CHIME Foundation Firm in good standing and have three years of professional experience at a CHIME Foundation member organization or other qualified healthcare provider organization. OR one year of professional experience at a CHIME Foundation firm AND currently maintains CHCIO status.
  • Complete 25 qualifying Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within the 24 months prior or 12 months after enrolling in the program(see CEU tab for additional information)
  • Attest to uphold the CHIME Professional Standards of Conduct 

*Applicants who do not meet all requirements listed above will qualify for CFCHE-Eligible status, and be given the opportunity to complete those requirements to apply for full CHFCHE status upon completion.

The duration of course is dependent upon the learner’s discretion with respect to their own interpretation of their knowledge gaps.

Learners will have access to this course content for 1 year.

Price: $649.00
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