The Certified Healthcare Information Security Leader (CHISL) is a Strategic Executive who demonstrates dynamic, forward-thinking leadership with technical proficiency and tactical knowledge. Above all else, the CHISL is a Communicator both externally and internally to the organization. They lead networks of people managing the protection of networks on which the healthcare industry depends to deliver safe and efficient care. Each CHISL contributes to the overall protection of the Healthcare Infrastructure. The CHISL exam evaluates the prospect across the following Success Factors divided into 7 Domains of Knowledge.

Ashley Jester

Ashley Jester is the Director of Professional Development at CHIME. She has managed the U.S. CHCIO Program for over five years and has helped initiate the development and launch of the International CHCIO Program along with two other programs. Ashley earned her master’s in psychology, concentrated in Evaluation, Research, and Measurement which aids to the thorough development of these programs. Though she continues to develop and improve these programs behind the scenes, she is also your personal guide through this journey of accreditation. Ashley will continue to support you individually and will be available to help answer any questions you may have.

Enrollment Covers
  • CHISL Exam Blueprint
  • Reading resources
  • Sample test
  • Gap assessment
  • CHISL Exam

The CHISL program requires individuals to participate in professional development and educational activities. Both CHIME and AEHIS associations utilize Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to measure participation.

CHIME and AEHIS recognize ONE hour of professional development and educational activity participation as equivalent to ONE CEU.

Submitting CEUs for CHIME/AEHIS & Non-CHIME/AEHIS Events

Please select CHIME/AEHIS CEUs to submit credits for events and sessions sponsored by CHIME affiliated events. All other submissions outside of CHIME and AEHIS should be reported as non-CHIME/AEHIS CEUs.

How to Submit CEUs:

  • For non-CHIME/AEHIS submissions, please include provider’s name in the event title
  • Archived submissions must include original date in description and date applied in start and end dates
  • Multiple (up to three) events may be submitted on one form, but all must fall under the same
    category, non-CHIME or CHIME events

This is a self-paced program enrollment to take the CHISL Exam.

Learners will have access to this course for 1 year from the time of enrollment.

The duration of course is dependent upon the learner’s discretion with respect to their own interpretation of their knowledge gaps.

Learners will have access to this course content for 1 year.

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