The Certified Digital Health Program is designed for all healthcare professionals looking to or currently serving in the healthcare digital space. This program is designed to test one’s knowledge and understanding in the larger healthcare IT industry.

The virtual self-paced CDH-P Prep Course takes the learner on a deeper dive into the constructs of the CDH-P Examination. Learners will learn from expert Digital Health Professionals, experienced in the both the field and in the CDH program.

This course transforms studying into application, providing engaging sessions for each domain area concentrating on critical topics and leaving the learner with tangible insight.

Introductory Pricing: $595.00

Course Code: CDH-P

Continuing Education Credits (CEU): 10 CEUs will be awarded once the learner reaches 70% or greater completion of the prep course. These CEUs will be applied to the initial program requirement.

Program Entry Prerequisite: One year as a Healthcare Professional OR Healthcare Related Degree

Delivery Method: Asynchronous, Online

This is a self-paced Prep Course enrollment.  

Learners will have access to the Prep Course for 6 months from the time of enrollment.  

The CDH - P qualifying exam will need to be completed within those 6 months.

Eligible candidates include, but not limited to:

Management positions,  sales, marketing, or entry-level healthcare positions in the industry.  Graduate students seeking careers in the healthcare space are also eligible to enroll, pending experience.

All CDH program examinations consist of 125 multiple choice questions, including scenario-based and independent questions. The examination will be taken without the aid of study guides or other resources. The CDH examination is delivered online through CHIME University and available 24/7.  Becuase the CDH program tests one's experience, rather than recall, it is important to note that this program does not include teaching components.

Exam Study Materials

Upon completing enrollment into the CDH program, you will receive a login to access the CDH program within CHIME University. This program includes 6 months of access to exam study materials.

Materials included in the Prep Course:

CDH Exam Blueprints – the CDH Professional, Leader, and Executive program exam blueprints all differ and are specific to each competency level.

Domain Materials – The Prep Course consists of 4 Domain concentration areas that include the following topics: Healthcare Management and Processes, Healthcare Technology, Parnerships and Personnel and Foundations of Healthcare.  Each Domain provides engaging educational components, additional knowledge checks and gamification to enhance the learners understanding of the CDH-P knowledge and skill statement areas.

Suggested Reading Resources - a collection of articles and books that comprise the exam. Each reference provided is a supporting resource for the exam.

Practice Exams – similar written exam questions to test your knowledge and testing expectations for the actual exam. Candidates learn how questions are stated and the type of responses to select from.

Gap Assessment – self-evaluation of one’s level of readiness based on the examination blueprint metrics.

To maintain/renew your CDH status:

  • Complete 45 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with a minimum of ten credits per year, of which 50% must be CHIME U activities**
  • Submit renewal/maintenance fee of $199
  • Adhere to the CHIME Professional Standards of Conduct
  • In lieu of submitting CEUs, may sit for the current CDH qualifying exam

 ** If you have completed at least 80% of your CEUs within three years, you may apply for a six-month extension to complete the remaining credits.

CHIME Professional Standards of Conduct

CHIME is responsible to its members, candidates and the profession for ensuring the integrity of all certification programs. As part of the application process, all candidates must agree to the Certification Professional Standards of Conduct.

An individual pursuing the desired certification credential are to uphold the following professional standards of this program:

  • Be truthful in all communications related to the application
  • Abide by the rules and regulations for taking the examination
  • Do not participate in activities that may be unethical or jeopardize the integrity of the exam or violate an honest assessment
  • Abide by the eligibility rules and regulations governing the program
  • An individual awarded the desired certification credential agrees to conduct himself/herself in an ethical and professional manner. Certified individuals agree to uphold the following professional standards of this program:

  • Conduct professional activities with honesty, integrity and respect that reflects well on the program
  • Uphold the image of the CHCIO, CHISL, or CDH through positive interaction with others
  • Be truthful and timely in all communication as it relates to the renewal of the credential
  • Accurately report time spent on professional development activities
  • Do not falsify documents
  • Abide by the eligibility rules and regulations governing the program
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Do not participate in activities that may degrade the credibility of a peer
  • Honor professional confidences
  • Do not misrepresent the credential if not eligible for recertification
  • Individuals found to be in violation of these standards may have their credential revoked and/or renewal denied. Some violations may be considered grounds for revoking CHIME or CHIME Foundation membership. Such cases will be forwarded to the governing committee for further review

    Price: $595.00
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